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In our commitment to educating our students in the Jesuit tradition, Fairfield Prep offers a broad, in-depth college preparatory education.Our students are instructed in a robust curriculum both in and out of the classroom.

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Academic Requirements and Years

English (4)
Theology (4)
Math (4)
Science (3)
Social Studies (3)
Foreign Language (3)
Fine Arts (1)
Computer Science (1/2)



In Prep's English classrooms, the study of literature not only gives pleasure, but it beckons the student to imagine and think

Fine Arts

At Fairfield Prep, we foster a lifelong love of learning through a lifelong love of the arts.

World Languages

The World Language Department at Fairfield Prep strives to give students the foundation to succeed in the language and within the community.


Whether you are interested in finance, science, computers or even the arts, math is a necessary and invaluable tool.


Science offers a powerful platform for building confidence, developing communication skills and making sense of the world around us

Social Studies

In Social Studies we teach about history and culture, covering issues on a local and a global scale.


Theology students are inspired to work for equality and social justice in their local and global communities.

Guidance Seminars

Fairfield Prep offers specific guidance programs for students in each class year designed to meet their needs in that particular stage of development.

Counselors conduct Guidance Seminars for the students, which meet once during each academic cycle, in small groups. Guidance groups are set up by classification and topics for discussion, targeting those issues which affect students at each academic level and level of personal development.

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Other Requirements

Through our Christian Service program, each grade is required to participate in service to the community.

Freshmen: Participation in Freshman Field Day
Sophomore: 10 hours of service to a church, school or local community per semester
Junior: 30 hours of community service in an approved program or participation in Urban Plunge
Senior: Weekly service at agency for entire academic year.

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