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Beginning their freshmen year, all Prep students are assigned an account with the college preparedness platform, Naviance.

Naviance is a valuable asset in all of the steps which a student will take in preparation for the college search and application process. The program is helpful in the counseling process as students communicate with their counselor/college advisor through the program and counselors have access to their student's Naviance records to track growth and offer feedback.

Students will be encouraged to invest in Naviance and grow with it by recording their activities and interests as they develop.

When college application activities begin in the fall of senior year, Naviance offers opportunities for application recording and tracking on Prep's College Advising office. This aspect of Naviance also encourages organization and efficiency in a student's college search and application steps. Over four years, Naviance allows students to set long and short term goals and to plot strategy regarding their college plans. Naviance also offers information on every aspect of the college process for parents who are encouraged to work along with their son and his college advisor in devising and implementing a plan and strategy for applying to college.

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