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College Advising

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Student success in the college process rests on a solid academic and personal foundation.Construction of this base begins on day one of freshman year as a student's entire high school record will be under review at college application time. In the academic realm, when a transcript is under review, colleges will view a student's course of studies, noting degree of rigor, grade point average for each year, and cumulative grade point average.

Academic trends will be clearly evident and are a key factor in an admissions review. Consistency and steady growth are important goals as students move from year to year academically. Personal growth is also an important factor as a student chooses activities which further define his interests and talents.

An array of activities is available to students at Prep which offer rich opportunities for growth and development and in turn offer valuable insights into a student's character and talents. A strong, representative foundation indicating personal and academic growth is an essential asset for Prep students as it both prepares them for the application process and assures their preparedness for the challenges they will face in college.

Where Prep Students Go To College

The academic successes and personal accomplishments of Prep seniors are evident each year through the list of colleges to which they have been accepted and through the list of colleges Prep seniors will be attending.

College Acceptances

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