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What Makes Prep a Jesuit School?

 How does Fairfield Prep bring the Jesuit educational vision to life? What do we try to do at this school to live out its Jesuit vision?

  • Fairfield Prep is a member of a global network of schools renowned for their commitment to academic excellence and promoting a faith oriented by service and social justice.
  • The members of Prep's faculty believe in and are deeply committed to the school's Jesuit mission. All teachers share Prep's sense of mission, of leading young men to a deeper realization of God's role in their lives, regardless of each student's faith background or commitment.
  • At Prep, the learning that takes place is characterized by thoroughness and a desire for excellence; students are given learning skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Students are led to find God in their world. Through the retreat experiences that Prep offers they strive to discover God in themselves and in the lives of those around them and gain new perspectives on their relationships with God.
  • Students are given opportunities to serve those in need in their communities and beyond. Thus, they are helped to see the relationship between this service and the call of the Church in our world. 

Within the school, Prep's model teacher-training program imparts to our faculty the fundamentals necessary to implement the Jesuit mission both in and out of the classroom. Other development programs are offered to teachers and administrators through the offices of the Jesuit School Network (JSN), the umbrella organization of Jesuit high schools in the United States.

Fairfield Prep is one of 46 secondary schools, and is a division of Fairfield University, along with 28 universities and colleges, founded by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) in the United States. To learn more about the Society of Jesus please visit one of the following websites: For the East Coast Province and its various ministries visit For the national office of the Jesuits, To learn more about a Jesuit vocation,