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Employment Opportunities At Fairfield Prep

Our administrators, faculty and staff at Fairfield Prep are engaged in keeping with our Mission and Vision of graduating transformational leaders. As a part of the Fairfield University community, we seek to employ passionate educators who want to be part of a great community.

Below you can find our current listings of available faculty and staff positions. Please visit Fairfield University's employment database to submit an application.

Teaching at Fairfield Prep is an opportunity to engage in an Ignatian Vocation. We are strongly rooted in our values and ask our students to contemplate our vision for them in all that we do. Competence, Compassion, and Character are at the forefront of our mission, and it is a joy daily to engage with young men who are working towards finding their own vocations. 

Their passion, commitment to one another, and desire to answer the “big questions” in life is what keeps me coming back, year after year, and I believe that it is an awesome privilege to walk with them at this stage of their development.

- Kevin Kery '00
Theology Teacher since 2008


Teaching at Fairfield Prep provides a wonderful opportunity to guide young men on their journey of growth intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  As members of the faculty, we are called to a unique vocation to model the life of Jesus Christ through the lens of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Society of Jesus, to challenge and help the young men in our presence to be the best versions of themselves in all that they do.  Teaching and mentoring goes beyond the classroom to the playing fields, to our extracurricular clubs and to the relationships that grow over time.  

The boys become “our boys” and we all feel pride as they grow closer to young men who are intellectually competent, loving, religious open to growth and committed to doing justice in the greater community and the world.  The bonds that develop at Fairfield Prep last for a lifetime.

- Bob Bernier
Latin Teacher since 1986