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Social Support

Fairfield Prep is a diverse school. More than one quarter of the student body is non-white and all of our students come from an array of diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Fifty-one towns are represented in the Prep student body, with our young men hailing from some of the quietest communities to the largest cities in southwestern Connecticut.

We celebrate our diversity at Prep, but understand that sometimes there will be challenges. Students may not see eye-to-eye on social or cultural issues due to upbringing or ethnic background. A Student of Color may do well academically, but feel out-of-place socially.

The SEED program assists our young men in adapting to the changes that arise from being at in a new school like Prep. SEED provides social support resources for our students so that they feel welcome and that they can find their place among the Prep Brotherhood. Students who may need social support are encouraged to contact Director of Diversity Mr. Ruben Goodwin.

At Prep, we seek to create a welcoming place for all students. Our goal is to ensure that every student is not only respected, but that he knows that his culture is just as important as other cultures within and outside the walls of Fairfield Prep.

SEED Social Support Events

SEED Parent-Son Meetings — are hosted quarterly in the Student Life Center or via ZOOM. Topics for each meeting vary but all are designed to inform parents about the abundance of resources we offer at Fairfield Prep. Successful SEED alumni often join us as well as faculty members and administrators. The information provided at these meetings is vital for the success of our students as well as parents. These meetings are mandatory for all SEED families.

Brothers for Others — Student driven mentor group meets 1-2 times a month. This upperclassman driven club is designed to foster relationships and mentorship within the SEED Program. Through round table discussions, guest speakers, fun activities and events our SEED underclassmen can learn how to support and drive each other to be the best versions of themselves. A pizza social is held three times during the academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) where students are encouraged to share their experiences at Prep in an open forum.

Each semester SEED hopes to host a tournament or event that brings the school closer together as a community. Below you will find some info on the ones we have hosted and scheduled so far.

3-on-3 Tournament — The 3-on-3 Tournament is an annual event where all students can sign up and compete in a friendly basketball game. Students set up teams, make names and compete in a tournament, with the winning team getting a prize. There was a small fee to register and the proceeds will go towards SEEDS textbook subsidy.

Dodgeball Tournament — This double elimination tournament for students in 9th-12th grade is held in our Brissettee Gym. Students are invited to participate in groups of 5-6. This event is hosted on a Friday after school and all students are invited to register. Proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the charity of the Brothers for Others clubs choice.

eSports Tournament — During the academic year Mr. Goodwin will coordinate eSports tournaments for students in 9th-12th grades. Students will be matched up against other members of the student body and participate in bracket style single and double elimination tournaments on PS4, Xbox1 and PC’s. Games will include but are not limited to Madden, NBA 2K, Rocketball, FIFA, Super Smash Bros and much more. The first tournaments of 2020 will begin registering in November.