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NHS Applications due September 7, 2016

National Honor Society Pre-Application Announcement for the Classes of 2017 & 2018

Applications for the Rev. James Bowler, S.J. Chapter of the National Honor Society are due Wednesday, September 7, 2016. The application and forms are currently posted on Schoology for those students eligible for acceptance.

Criteria for NHS Membership

1.       ScholarshipStudents who have completed either their Sophomore or Junior year in June 2016 and who have attained a 3.40 or higher yearly and cumulative GPA will be invited by Mr. Dennis via Schoology in late July to apply. Eligible applicants will be enrolled in a special course titled, “2016 Invited to Apply to NHS: Section 1.”

2.       LeadershipThe applicant must currently be involved in at least two extra-curricular activities (either in or outside of school).  In addition, the applicant must also serve in at least one leadership role in the community, church, or in the school.  A signed letter of recommendation (blank recommendation form found on Schoology) from an adult from one of the leadership or extra-curricular organizations is required. Applicants must upload the blank recommendation form to Notability where they can then edit and submit the completed form to Schoology.

3.       Character:   The applicant must pass screening by the Fairfield Prep faculty. Teachers will receive the list of eligible applicants in late August.

4.       Timeline:  

July 2016                      

a) Applicants will be contacted and invited to apply based on a yearly and cumulative GPA of 3.40 as of June 2016.

b) Application posted on Schoology through a special class.


Late August 2016               Faculty screening of eligible applicants will begin in late August.


September 7, 2016             Online Applications are due: Wednesday, September 7 by 3:00PM.


September 16, 2016           Notification of status sent.


September 28, 2016           Honors Awards and NHS Induction Ceremony

St. Thomas Aquinas Church

1719 Post Road

Fairfield, CT 06824


Contact Mr. Corey J. Dennis at with any questions regarding the National Honor Society.

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Principal's Letter

Principal's Letter regarding the 2016-17 Academic Year

Dear Prep Parents: 

I hope that your son is enjoying his summer vacation and that he returns to school well rested and ready to meet the challenges of another academic year. I would like to share with you several important pieces of information concerning the 2016-2017 academic year. This letter will also be posted on our website where you will be able to directly access all forms, registrations and fee payments through active links at Once on the homepage, go to QUICKLINKS at the top of the page. Among the documents and links available are the following:


  • HEALTH FORMS – State Health Assessment RecordSports Physical Form, and Medication Order forms can all be printed, taken to your doctor, and then mailed to Fairfield Prep. Under Connecticut State Law, no student may take any medication during school (including the use of an inhaler) without specific authorization from a physician. A valid sports physical must be on file to participate in any sport at Prep.
  • ATHLETIC FORMS & DOCUMENTS – This section includes documents for athletes and their parents. Participation in Prep athletics requires the reading of the documents and submission of the Online 2016-2017 Athletic Registration form.
  • ACADEMIC FORMS & DOCUMENTS – Please review this year’s Student/ParentHandbook for the rules and regulations currently in effect. Also included in this section is the SAT Preparation Course Registration.
  • TECHNOLOGY FORMS – In order for your son to be permitted to use our computer facilities and to have access to his accounts, you and he must return electronically an acknowledgment of the Computer Acceptable Use Policy found on our website.  
  • TRANSPORTATION & FEES – This section currently includes the forms for the shuttle bus and as appropriate, other special student activities (ACT Plan for sophomores, AP Exams).


Please visit our online bookstore to access links to our Summer Reading and Summer Assignments for all students, FAQs, and information on how to order textbooks from Please note that all 2016-17 course books will be available for purchase on August 8 at the Prep Bookstore, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Director of Student Discipline, Harold Davis, who is the contact person for the bookstore at


At the end of August you will receive instructions for logging into Schoology and NetClassroom. Schoology gives students and parents access to class information, homework, announcements, etc. NetClassroom allows parents access to progress reports and report cards. Please save this important document as you will need it throughout the year.


Please review/download the Important Dates for the 2016-2017 School Year. The Master Academic Calendar will be available for review August 19 on the Prep website. Some key dates to note are as follows:

Monday, August 29.......................Senior Retreat / Orientation (8:30 – 12:00)
Tuesday, August 30......................Freshman Orientation (8:30 – 2:30)
Wednesday, August 31..................Sophomore / Junior Orientation (8:30 – 12:00)
Thursday, September 1.................All Classes Begin

Our annual "Back-to-School" night will be held from 7 – 9 PM on Wednesday, September 15. During this evening, you will be able to meet your son’s teachers by attending an abbreviated version of his class schedule. Before the “Back-to-School" night, the Guidance Department will hold a special College Information Evening for parents of seniors from 5:30 to 6:30 in the Student Life Center.


  • E-MAIL ACCESS - To access the e-mail address of any member of the faculty or staff use the first initial of the first name followed by the last name (no space) followed by For example, Robert Perrotta is accessed through A full directory is available on the website under About Prep>Contact Us.

254-4200 Ext. 2239                Mr. Gregory H. Marshall, Dean of Enrollment and Marketing
254-4200 Ext. 2721                Dr. Robert A. Perrotta, Principal
254-4200 Ext. 2690                Dr. Donna Andrade, Academic Dean
254-4200 Ext. 2629                Ms. Madeline Namin, Registrar
254-4200 Ext. 2238                Mr. John Hanrahan, Dean of Guidance and College Advising
254-4200 Ext. 2880                Mrs. Kathy Krochko, Assistant Business Manager
254-4200 Ext. 2255                Mr. Elliott Gualtiere, Director of Campus Ministry
254-4200 Ext. 2210                Mr. Thomas Curran, Director of Athletics
254-4200 Ext. 3375                Technology Help Desk

  • ATHLETIC TRYOUTS - In order to participate in tryouts for any Prep sport, it is mandatory that the following information be submitted:
    • Current valid physical 
    • Online registration for the specified sport
    • Football: August 15, All Interested candidates Freshman - Seniors, 3pm-6pm, Barlow Field (corner of Round Hill Road and Barlow Road)
    • Freshman Soccer: August 25, 12pm-3pm, Grauert Field (behind Fairfield Prep parking lot), please check freshman soccer page on Prep website for groupings.
    • Varsity and JV Soccer: August 25, 3pm-5pm, Grauert Field, All rising sophomores.
    • August 25, 5pm-7pm, Grauert Field, All returning JV and Varsity players and all interested juniors and seniors.
    • Varsity Sailing: Meeting for all interested candidates after first day of school, September 1 at 3pm, location TBA, will be posted on sailing website and announced in school.
    • Varsity Crew: August 25, 3pm-5pm, McAuliffe Hall Erg Room (Across from Fairfield Prep Quad)
    • Freshman Crew: September 1, 3pm, McAuliffe Hall Erg Room
    • Varsity Cross Country: August 25, 3pm-5pm, All Interested candidates Freshman-Seniors, Lessing Field Track

For up-to-date information of practice times and locations, consult the Fairfield Prep website at >Athletics>Teams & Schedules. If you have any questions concerning our athletic programs or participation requirements, please refer to the Prep website or call our Athletic Director Mr. Curran at 254-4200, Ext. 2210 (

  • TRANSPORTATION - Buses are provided for students residing in Fairfield. Their routes will be published in late August in the local newspapers and will be posted on the main bulletin board in Berchmans Hall at the end of August. The shuttle bus from the Fairfield RR Station will begin on Thursday, September 1. To help defray the cost of shuttle bus transportation, a yearly fee will be charged. In order to receive a sticker, which will enable your son to ride the shuttle bus, you must enroll and pay online via the link on Forms & Documents.  Shuttle Bus Fee Payment is currently active. Your son will receive his sticker during the first week of school. If your son does not obtain a sticker, shuttle bus transportation will not be provided.

Shuttle buses to Fairfield Prep will leave from the Fairfield train station at the following times:

  • 7:45 (two buses)
  • 8:00 (two buses)
  • 8:15 (one bus)

Student discounted train tickets MUST be purchased online through the Metro North web site. There is no longer a need to obtain a discounted student form from Prep to purchase a discounted ticket. Fairfield Prep submits its roster of students directly to Metro North. Please complete and submit the Metro-North Student Registration form.


iPad Orientation In A103 for Freshman who did not take the summer iPad class. Please attend one of the following dates that best fits your schedule: August 29, 12:00 to 2:00 or August 31, 9:00 – 11:00.

Student ID Cards are required for all students. Beginning at 8:00 am on the assigned orientation days, ID pictures will be taken in the Student Life Center (SLC). Any student who does not have a Prep ID card must have an ID picture taken before departing from orientation day. It is REQUIRED that students display their ID cards throughout the day. ID cards also serve as "swipe cards" allowing access to the buildings.

On orientation days, students report to homeroom promptly at 8:30 am where academic schedules and locker assignments will be distributed. Student homeroom information will be posted on the main bulletin board in Berchmans Hall.

    • Senior Orientation and Retreat will take place on Monday, August 29 from 8:30 to 12:00.
    • Freshman Orientation will take place on Tuesday, August 30 from 8:30 to 2:30 (lunch provided). Parents of freshmen are asked to drop students off in front of Arrupe Hall where they will be met by our upperclassmen leaders.
    • Sophomore/Junior Orientation will take place on Wednesday, August 31 from 8:30 to 12:00. 

      Orientation Dress Code
      : For their orientation day, students may wear a collared polo shirt, casual pants/shorts (no jeans), and athletic footwear.

      FIRST DAY OF CLASSES - Classes for all students begin on Thursday, September 1. The normal dress code is in effect for freshmen, sophomores and juniors. Seniors may substitute their class of 2017 polo shirt for the dress shirt and tie requirement from September 1 through September 15. Seniors will return to the normal dress code on Friday, September 16 for the Mass of the Holy Spirit.
      • ON-CAMPUS PARKING PERMITS - Permits for campus parking will be limited to designated area on campus. All juniors and seniors who wish to obtain a permit must follow this procedure in order to register: Report to the Security Office in Loyola with a license, Prep ID, car registration, and a check made payable to Fairfield University for $120.00. This must be completed by 3:00 pm, Friday, Sept. 2, in order to obtain a permit. Unregistered cars will be ticketed beginning Sept.9.
  • SENIOR SAT COURSE – The fall SAT course designed to prepare seniors for the October 3, November 5 or December 3 exam. The SAT class will begin on Sunday, September 11, according to the following schedule:
    • Sunday, September 11                                10-3
    • Sunday, September 18                                10-3
    • Saturday, September 24                              10-3
    • Sunday, September 25                                10-3
    • Tuesday, September 27                         SAT Practice Test 3-6:30, Academic Center

All classes will be held in Arrupe 103. Beginning August 15, you may enroll your senior son online from the link above. The cost of the course is $250. The registration deadline is Wednesday, September 7. 

  • STUDENT RULES AND REGULATIONS –  Please review the 2016-17 Student/Parent Handbook (available online) for the rules and regulations currently in effect: Allow me to highlight some areas of concern:
  • DRESS CODE- Our dress code will be in effect from 8:25 to 2:35 in all areas of the Prep campus except the gymnasium and the weight room. The dress code and several pictures that illustrate acceptable dress and shoe styles can be found at  Students who are not in dress code will face disciplinary sanctions.
  • STUDENT ATTENDANCE- ALL ABSENCES are considered to be unexcused except those that are authorized by the school administration for school related activities (early dismissals for sports, attendance at retreats, etc.) or for emergency medical reasons. All absences must be reported by the parent/guardian via the online Student Absence Report Form which must be completed by 10 AM for each and every day that your son will be absent (full day or part of the day).
  • CELL PHONES- Cell phones are not permitted to be used inside the Prep buildings during the school day (8:25 – 2:35) except for academic purposes under the direction of a teacher or administrator or in the cafeteria. Any cell phone seen in the possession of a student during the school day will be confiscated, and the student will be subject to the following disciplinary sanctions:
    • First Offense                    one day detention
    • Second Offense               two days detention 
    • Third Offense                   parent must pick cell phone from the Director of Student Discipline.
  • ACADEMIC INTEGRITY (Cheating) - The Academic Integrity Policy is strictly enforced.  Please review this policy with your son so as to avoid any misunderstandings on the procedures that are followed when an breach of the policy occurs.
  • STUDENT DIRECTORY: Fairfield Prep’s Student Directory is online providing enhanced search options. The online Student Directory is updated as soon as a change is reported to the registrar. Please note that accessing the Student Directory page requires the use of a password. The password is included in the email letter to parents. Information provided in the Student Directory is intended solely for the legitimate, personal use by enrolled students at Fairfield Prep, and for professional use by employees of Fairfield Prep. All other uses of the information provided in the online Student Directory are strictly prohibited.
  • BELLARMINE GUILD AND FATHERS' CLUB: The Bellarmine Guild (mothers) and Fathers' Club are comprised of parents/guardians of currently enrolled Prep students. Please visit the Prep website to learn more about the events they sponsor, their calendars, and how you can get involved. 

As you can see, although it is only July, we are all busily preparing for the start of school. If you have a question concerning any of the enclosed materials, please do not hesitate to call the appropriate office any time after Monday, August 22. 

May you have a restful and enjoyable summer.

Robert A. Perrotta, JD, EdD

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Supporting Swim Across America Open Water

Prep Swimmers raise funds for Cancer Research

Members of the Fairfield Prep Swim Team participated in the Swim Across America Open Water event that was held this June 25 in Greenwich. Kevin Lydon '17 organized "Team Irish" in honor of his former club swim coach. The event raises money for cancer research. Alec Keblish '19, Andrew Magel '17, Andrew Lydon '19, Kevin Lydon '17, and Ben Fox '18 swam. Congratulations to the team and their support of this important fundraising event.

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Prep Players recognized for great performances

Prep Players honored with Halo Awards & Nominations


The Prep Players were recognized by Seven Angels Theatre with 16 Halo nominations for Carousel and Our Town. Director Mrs. Megan Hoover proudly praised the ensembles: "These nominations are a testament to how hard this group has worked this year – the material we tackled was challenging and pushed them in every way. It is by virtue of their commitment to one another and the process that they have earned this recognition. I am truly proud, and I hope you will join me in congratulating them on this amazing achievement." The awards presentation was held on June 1 at the Palace Theatre in Waterbury. The seven gentlemen recognized for best specialty ensemble performed their nominated number, Blow High, Blow Low (photo above). Prep won three Halo Awards and 15 nominations, listed below.



  • Fairfield Prep: Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Taylor McCuaig as Louise in Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Annamarie Fama as Julie Jordan in Carousel



  • Fairfield Prep: Liam Traynor as Mr. Charles Webb in Our Town


  • Fairfield Prep: Jennifer Veith as Mrs. Myrtle Webb in Our Town


  • Fairfield Prep: Run Crew for Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Jihad Rogers for Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Taylor McCuaig as Louise in Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Blow High, Blow Low by Ryan Ramos and Jackson Mendes as Jigger and Billy and the Shipmates in Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Carousel -  Gypsy Nominee - Chris Conaway


  • Fairfield Prep: Brendan Sawyer as George Webb in Our Town


  • Fairfield Prep: Annamarie Fama as Mrs. Julia Gibbs in Our Town


  • Fairfield Prep: Olivia DeFilippo as Carrie Pipperidge in Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Jackson Mendes as The Stage Manager in Our Town


  • Fairfield Prep: Annamarie Fama as Julie Jordan in Carousel


  • Fairfield Prep: Our Town


  • Fairfield Prep: Carousel
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Team wins mathematics competition

Trig*Star Club wins State Championship

From left: Dongzu Zhang '18, Haoxiang Zhang '18, Michael Lin '18, Bowen Chen '18 and Peter Nguyen '17

Trig*Star members participated in a nationwide exam assessing their speed and accuracy as students were challenged by the trigonometric concepts that are particularly applicable in the field of surveying. In the 2016 competition, Fairfield Prep again won the State Championship and Michael Lin progressed on to the national exam. Results will be released later this summer. Congratulations to all of our participants!

Prep’s Trig*Star team is sponsored by Readniss and Mead. It is moderated by Ms. Maureen Bohan and Mrs. Katherine Brennan and Jorge Pereira, a senior Surveyor at Readniss and Mead. The team meets monthly to practice trigonometry problems and prepare for the Trig*Star State Exam. The Trig*Star State Exam is an annual high school mathematics competition based on the practical application of Trigonometry. Students that participate are not only provided with an opportunity to earn awards, but also leave with a better understanding of the technical profession of Geomatics, which includes Land Surveying, Mapping and Planning.

Meetings are open to all Prep students and are held on the second Thursday of every month in Mrs. Brennan’s room, X305. Meetings will begin again in the fall.

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Golf Outing benefits Prep!

Prep Golfers enjoy Annual Outing!


Over 100 alumni, parents and friends of Fairfield Prep enjoyed a beautiful day of golf at Great River Golf Club in Milford on June 17 to support Prep's scholarship in honor of former head golf coach Roger Ratchford. The day consisted of friendly competition, great golf and a lot of Prep memories. A special thanks to the tournament committee chaired by John Chiota '86 and consisting of John Chiota '61, Kevin Foley '73, Tom Welch '83, Jim Butler '86, Alex Oracheff '94 and Kevin Kozlowski '99.

Special thanks to alumni who helped at the event: Ed Krygier ’60, Nick Perna '60 and Shawn McDonnell ’72. Also, thanks to Nestle Waters North America for the water on the course! Also, thanks to NEJ, Inc. and Ed Mascolo for the golf shirts, and Sacred Heart University/Great River for the golf gloves that the players received.

The tournament was organized as a shamble and offered lunch and dinner. Most importantly, the group was able to raise money for Prep. Everyone is looking forward to this great event next year.


1st Gross: 64 – Bob Baptist, Mike Murphy, Chris Connelly, Tom Ryan

2nd Gross: 65 – Brian Dresch, Greg Chiota, Alex Oracheff, Mike Brennan

3rd Gross: 65 – Joe Mastroni, Frank Pinto, John Pinto, Chris Mastronardi

1st Low Net: 47 – Patrick Pollard, Bob Bernier, George Blees, Mike Bayles

2nd Low Net: 52 – Kevin Foley, Bob Lyons, Carl Massaro, Mark Ricca

3rd Low Net: 52 – Stewart Campbell, Paul Callahan, Gib Gibson, Ray Karczewski

Closest to the Pin – Jason Morris

Longest Drive – Jason Morris

Putting Contest – Paul Ferraro

Past Golf Coach Robert Ratchford with current Coach Bob Bernier


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Students recognized for high achievement!

2015-16 Final Honors announced

Fairfield Prep is pleased to release the 2015-16 Final Honors list. Congratulations to all students recognized for their excellent academic performance and high achievement.

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Prep takes title at Fairfield County Irish Festival

Prep comes from behind to win Gaelic Football championship!

Fairfield Prep's Gaelic Football team was crowned champions of Connecticut on a beautiful Friday night, June 17, under the lights at Lessing Field, at the Fairfield County Irish Festival. To get there, Prep first had to see off a spirited semifinal challenge from a determined Fairfield Warde team. That victory set up a finals rematch with defending champions Xavier, led by the irrepressible McCormick brothers. Prep's captain, senior Adrian Coyle, and his fellow four-year veterans Aedan Ayer, Matt Cotto and Nick Urban knew well the immensity of that challenge.

The first half was Xavier's, as Prep fought hard to keep within two points by the halftime break. As the team caught their breath, coaches Paddy Coyle and Griffin Reidy reminded the squad's other seniors--Brendan Carey, George Crist, Geoff Hadden, Tom Kelly, Mike Meszaros, Jack McGowen, Jack O'Connor, Ciaran O'Reilly, Matt Pompa and JD Shannon--that the next half would be their final act as Prep athletes: "Make it count."

And yet, the second half started disastrously for Prep as Xavier banged in two unanswered goals in the opening moments. While lesser teams might have folded, Prep's spirit was unbroken; the team resolved to make it count. Crist used his Air Force speed to neutralize Xavier's starman, Cian McCormick, for the remainder of the game. Man-of-the-match Meszaros took control of midfield, winning every loose ball and feeding the awakening offense. And Albertus Magnus bound striker Cotto rediscovered his scoring touch, powering Prep ahead with a flurry of goals and points. Every player lifted his game as the match ended four points in Prep's favor.

The team had made it count; they walked away as champions.

Pictured below left: Mike Meszaros '16 awarded the Man-of-the-Match Award from the main tournament organizer, James Feeney P'19. Below right: Captains Adrian Coyle '16 and Brendan Carey '16 receive the trophy.


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Classes ending in 1 and 6 reconnect at Reunion

Alumni gather for Class Reunions!

Approximately 300 Alumni and guests attended the Fairfield Prep Reunion for classes ending in 1 and 6, held on June 9, 2016, at the new Student Life Center on the Prep campus. Guests attended a Mass concelebrated in the Brissette Gym by Pres. Rev. Tom Simisky, S.J., and Prep Chaplain Rev. Bret Stockdale, S.J. A reception and dinner followed in the Student Life Center. The previous day, all alumni were invited to attend the Annual Golf Outing at Great River Golf Club, and many class groups gathered at local bars and restaurants to kick-off the weekend. Alumni Rugby gathered for a pick-up reunion game on Saturday. All enjoyed the action-packed weekend and reconnecting with Prep classmates.

CLICK ON PHOTO BELOW TO VIEW SLIDESHOW. Photos of the general reunion may also be purchased at Choose online previews and session ID "reunion16."


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Because of You...Prep boys are offered opportunities!

Your Support Makes a Difference!

Time's running out!  Make your Annual Fund Gift by June 30!

For your convenience, you can make your gift online using Prep's secure webpage:


Or, you may send a check made payable to "Fairfield Prep" and mail to: Fairfield Prep Development & Alumni Office, 1073 North Benson Rd., Fairfield, CT 06824

For additional giving options, including gifts of stock and matching gifts, please click here.

Thank you very much for your valued support of Fairfield Prep!


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See photos and video highlights

Class of 1966 enjoys 50th Reunion Weekend!



View the Full Graduation Video. More videos with highlights, plus before and after highlights are available on WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/FAIRFIELDPREP1.

The Class of 1966 gathered for an activity-filled reunion weekend June 3-5, beginning with a welcome reception at the Black Rock Yacht Club on Friday, and a breakfast, presentation and tour at Prep on Saturday morning. The classmates and guests attended Saturday evening Mass in the Student Life Center with principal celebrant President Rev. Tom Simisky, S.J., and homilist was Fr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, S.J.

All enjoyed a delicious pig roast dinner held in the new Student Life Center. Sunday events continued with breakfast at Prep and the 74th Commencement at Alumni Hall, where the Class of 1966 processed with the Class of 2016 and received their golden diplomas. All attendees enjoyed reminiscing and reconnecting with their classmates.

Additional photos may be viewed or purchased at Choose Online Previews. Enter session ID "golden16"

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Honored for academic excellence and service

Julio Palencia '16 awarded Town of Fairfield & Kiwanis Scholarships

For his solid citizenship and academic record, and for his contribution to the lives of others, Julio Palencia has been recognized by both the Kiwanis Club of Fairfield and by the Fairfield Recreation Department. Julio’s achievements in service to the community and his leadership on and off campus led to his being awarded the Jacky Durrell Memorial Service Award sponsored the Fairfield Recreation Department. For his outstanding academic record and excellent record of service to the community Julio was granted a scholarship award by the Kiwanis Club of Fairfield.

In the classroom Julio has met the challenge of honors and Advanced Placement courses in every academic discipline and has graduated with magna cum laude honors. His academic performance qualified him for National Honor Society induction in his junior year which led to further levels of service as a peer tutor on the Prep campus. Julio has shared his talents with the international community traveling to Appalachia for a week long service mission and to Ecuador with Prep’s Global Mission, and he has served the local community by his participation in Prep’s Urban Plunge and by his strong and steady contribution to the program at the Pilot House where he has assisted special needs children since he was in the sixth grade. On campus Julio has sought growth in the Arts through his founding of the Art Club and he has served in a leadership role in Prep’s ASPIRA organization through which he honors his Hispanic heritage as a young man of Guatemalan background. Julio will continue his quest at Bowdoin College where he begins the next stage of his growth in the fall of 2016. 


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Share the links with family and friends!

Prep Graduation Photos & Videos

The Fairfield Prep 74th Commencement was held on Sunday, June 5, 2016, at 10 AM in Alumni Hall. 201 graduates processed in traditional white dinner jacket, and well as 29 members of the Class of 1966 who received golden diplomas to celebrate their 50th Reunion. All families will receive a DVD copy of the video recording in the mail.

Congratulations to the Class of 2016!

VIDEOS - all available on the Prep YouTube Channel


Many photos may be viewed or purchased at Choose Online Previews. Enter session ID "grad16" or "mass16"


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Great networking opportunity and presentation!

Brian Rolapp P'16, NFL, speaks at NYC Business Breakfast


On June 9, Brian Rolapp P’16 and Executive VP, Media; President & CEO for NFL Network spoke to a room full of Fairfield Prep Alumni, parents and friends at the Annual NYC Business Breakfast, held at the Union League Club. Brian’s exhilarating presentation sparked everyone’s morning by explaining: the growth of the company from standard television to the current complexities of the digital world; the simple yet successful business model of the NFL; and the media ratings stronghold the NFL owns due to multiple media relationships and innovations of the game.

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Scholar-Athletes will continue their athletic careers!

Balderrama, Cotto and Lichtenfels commit to College Athletics

Fairfield Prep is pleased to recognize four scholar athletes from the Class of 2016 who will continue their athletic careers, having committed to play their respective sports at the college level.

From left: Principal Dr. Robert Perrotta; Pres. Rev. Tom Simisky, S.J.; Guido Balderrama (Saint Bonaventure); Swimming Coach Rick Hutchinson '87; and Asst. Athletic Director Jay Turiano

Guido Balderrama - St. Bonaventure

Guido Balderrama has been a four year member of the Varsity Swimming & Diving team. Guido has posted the #3 and #4 fastest times in program history in the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke, respectively. Guido is a selfless teammate, often willing to sacrifice personal success for the team. His dedication was recognized by the team as he was elected Captain in his senior year. He has been All-SCC for four years and All -State for the past three. During Guido’s time with Prep he has helped lead the Varsity team to four straight SCC Championship Meet victories and three Class LL State Runner-up finishes. Outside of high school swimming he is a YMCA National Qualifier. Guido has offered his swimming talents to his community volunteering as a swim lesson teacher at the Greenwich YMCA. He has also volunteered at the Stamford Boys & Girls club tutoring in after school programs. Guido looks forward to continuing his education and swimming career at St. Bonaventure University. He is a resident of Norwalk, CT.


Coach Tim Dee and Matthew Cotto (Albertus Magnus College)

Matthew Cotto - Albertus Magnus College

Matthew Cotto will be attending Albertus Magnus College where he will play on the Varsity Men’s Soccer Team. Matt has been a three year member of Fairfield Prep’s Varsity Soccer program. During Matt’s time on the team, Fairfield Prep won the SCC title in 2014 and reached the LL State quarterfinals in 2015. Outside of school he is Captain of Stratford United Soccer Club which won the League Championship in 2015. He was also the top goal scorer for Stratford United in 2014. In Fairfield Prep’s Jesuit tradition of service to others, Matt offered his soccer talents as a soccer camp counselor at Fairfield University for Brooklyn Jesuit Prep students. He has also volunteered at the Cardinal Shehan Center in Bridgeport, helping in their youth programs. Matt is a resident of Stratford, CT.


From left: Coach Ed Feldheim, Drew Lichtenfels, Kevin Lichtenfels (Saint Joseph's University), Kim Lichtenfels, Pres. Rev. Tom Simisky, S.J.

Kevin Lichtenfels - Saint Joseph's University

Kevin Lichtenfels, from Guilford, CT, will be rowing crew at Saint Joseph’s University next year. Kevin’s boat placed 3rd at the New England Championships, and 8th at Head of the Schuylkill. He also participated in the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association Championship in February 2016. Kevin has been on varsity crew since sophomore year, and also played baseball throughout high school. He gives back to his community by volunteering at the New Haven Reads program which offers tutoring for children, and the Evergreen Woods Life Care Retirement Community in Branford, CT.

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